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... or how the church was taught to toll.

Now, that the "cathedral" was equipped with coloured windows, an interior entry area and a working clock, the property developer's son came up with the moaning: "It lacks striking of the hour". The Busch sound module "Ring the bells" featuring different sounds for ringings, chimes and strikes was chosen to gratify this request. A modified controller board and a modification of the sound module's power input should make it possible to ring the bells with a click on the PDA. A first test completes successfully.
Where to place the sound module ?

In a junction box near the church, of course !
There it is resident together with its "relatives" protected against weather of all kinds. So far without complaints and without any outage at temperatures between -8 and 40° Celsius.
As the module is not explicitely designed for outdoor usage, its reaction upon real cold temperatures still has to show.
A modified controller board in the same box triggers the sounds, the speaker inside the church is connected via a simple two-wire line.

Striking the hour

The speaker coming with the module was installed inside the church's tower. The sound can pass the grille's vents without noticeable loss and can be heard all over the garden.
The "computing servant" in the basement got a script which rings the bells quarter-hourly matching the current time. When staying outside in the garden, this is a very welcome feature.
For any event

Apart from striking the hour, the sound module also features ringings of both a cathedral and a chapel. The ringing of a cathedral is just right for the shown wedding scenario.
A chime was realized by programming the controller board accordingly. The sound module's available effects are triggered in a particular scheme then. Either manually via the PDA or timely driven (f.i. at noon on Sunday) by the computer in the basement.

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