LGB - a control - AccessPoint & WLAN

Data broadcasting
(also) for the garden

The AccessPoint is required for RF communications between the WLAN-equipped handheld and the SingleChip-PC. It is the link between the network's RF and cable sides, a kind of relay station.

The AccessPoint's configuration regarding its network address and if necessary its mode of operation is done once when putting it into operation. Afterwards the device is nothing but a "black box" for the user, just like the SingleChip-PC. It does not need any attention again - "Set & Forget !"

If further computers are on the network, these can be accessed from the handheld via the AccessPoint. This feature enables a simple possibility to transfer files which were created on a "real" computer - f.i. after changing a configuration file for the handheld's graphical user interface.

Fear of heights ? - Never mind!
Radio masts of this kind are not required.


AccessPoint - onboard antennas usually are sufficient for a garden's coverage

Technical matters

When purchasing an AccessPoint an eye should be kept on the device's transfer rates which should be completely compatible with those of the handheld. Whether a compatibility is given, is determined by the IEEE-802.11-specifications of the devices involved. A combination of 802.11b and 802.11g doubtlessly will work, but this does not make much sense from a technical point of view since the slow device will outbrake the faster one.

In general, a range of ca. 300m can be assumed outside - if the devices are within sight of each other. In case there are obstacles between the handheld and the AccessPoint, the actual range is not predictable.

A big coniferous tree in the direct way is enough to reduce the range - the water contained inside the tree outbrakes the signals. Now imagine there are two trees ... the range decreases exponentially. Just as metal fences can have unexpected impacts. Certainly such effects won't occur frequently in a "normal" garden. Should there be a blackout in some corner of the garden nevertheless, it usually will help to move the AccessPoint a bit. If the latter perhaps is not possible, a WLAN repeater is an option to go for (an additional "relay station" in another place).

The RF connection between the handhelds and the AccessPoint turned out to be stable and absolute reliable in operations so far and the RF range is more than just sufficient.

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