For lovers of gadgets - Fire brigade


... a "Dickie" fire brigade Unimog

was shown in the local toy dealer's showcase as a special offer. An idea was sparked: After placing this vehicle inside the layout's fire station, the PDA could be used to trigger the flashing lights and the siren...
I started a minor redesign of the push button releasing the lights and the sound. An unobtrusive connector was added which internally was connected to the push button's contact points. A cable was connected to a relay which was hooked up to one of the controller boards.

The pluggable cable provides that the Unimog can be used as both an independent toy for the kids and a model belonging to the fire station. Furthermore it represents the supply line for the vehicle parked inside the fire station.
Using the appropriate command, the controller board sets off a 3V-impulse with a duration of one second for the relay which shorts the push button's contacts.

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