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Roast venison and stag ham only from now on !

Deer had been familiar visitors to the garden eversince. Hence more or less vexatious colateral damages like signs being broken off along the tracks or bent down signals were nothing new. But the deer tend to exaggerate it this autumn - or they went blind...

The first related event struck the water tower which broke into numerous pieces when a deer jumped into instead over it. Just a fortnight later a deer trampled down one of the platforms. Since chasing the deer away has no long-term effect, the menu will be changed - probably much to the cattle and pig breeders' associations chagrin...

The damage was a nuisance, but possible to repair, fortunately. All component parts could be retrieved from the ground or were replaced, like the water tower's railing.

As a first step towards the buildings' reincarnation all component parts were soaked in soap sud and cleaned thoroughly using a dishwashing brush. After drying, remainders of glue were removed from all of the parts' edges and the edges were filed plane to provide for sufficient fitting accuracy needed for reassembling the buildings.

This ado's positive side effects included a repair of the water tower's doors' hinges and an optical refreshment of the platform's roof.

    In case the deer will ignore the sign on the left, they might have to face the consequences.

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