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The season's end is approaching...

... yet again !

So it looked like a good idea to run a few trains in fair late summer weather - just before one will be nailed to the basement during "workshop weather" more sooner than later.

A freight train consisting of self-built and retrofitted cars and a curtated BEX with a Rp-w and a tanker made it onto the tracks and rode along them until early in the evening - driven by the control computer which had just been virtualized on the iMac resident in the basement. Quite an improvement since the hardware beneath the stairs needs to noise around no longer now...

Perhaps there's hope for some powder snow in winter so that the plow can make it outside as well ? That would be nice for a change after at least five years of wet (read: unplowable) snow only...

RhB Tm 2/2 92 detail tuning

Inspired by a report on a forum which dealt with pimping a Tm 2/2 22, I tore out my 92er to put it onto the OP table. Colouring the small parts can be a delicate matter and hence it's better to disassemble the model to some extent.

Front and rear face after some further detailing and painting.

The modifications in particular:
It's amazing over and over again how just minor mods add to a much more prototypical impression.

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