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RhB As 1161

The ACPE's elongation

The model of the RhB's saloon car As 1161 had been delivered as a new item in December 2017 and is a very welcome supplement to the Alpine Classic Pullman Express. The complete consist now is "just" lacking the Piano-Bar-Coach Wr-s 3820..

The saloon car basically is a very nice car but shows two shortcomings. On the one hand there is this incredible skunk stripe on the roof (a completely failed attempt to depict the catenary's abrasion) and on the other hand there is a dividing wall missing at one end. Hence the vestibule and its details are missing at one end of the car:

It will remain a mystery most likely whether the wall was left out intentionally or whether it was a blunder. As has been proved, it's not one of the infamous "individual cases"...

The missing wall was delivered in between just a few days by Maerklin thanks to the friendly intervention of the dealer I trust in since years and I got started on detailing the coach.

Thanks to the wall supplied by Maerklin the vestibule and its luggage tray as well as the refrigerator could be implemented.

A luggage tray was built for the vestibule on the other side, too.

Both the bellows and the details were painted according to the prototype's colour scheme.

The more unsuitable black covers on the tables were removed and tablecloths (printed on white self-adhesive film) were applied instead. Further details like figures, luggage and magazines etc. were added.

"Which seat do you like best, madame ?"

The drinks menu seems to be substantial...

Since the poor illumination on top didn't work at low speeds in analogue operations, a new illumination consisting of ten LEDs was implemented.

The holes of the original illumination were closed and the interior roof got a new paint. The rest room was equipped with an intermittent illumination.

Packages, more package and even more packages...

It will remain to be seen whether mailorder business is blessing or curse.

But empty postal containers should be a rare exception. Accordingly, a sufficient number of different cartons was made and loaded into the container.

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