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Allegra reloaded

Pantograph Propulsion Laboratories proudly presents:     The Allegra's motor-driven middle panto
Since the RhB 702 had been equipped with Massoth panto drives, two of the old LGB "fly-swatter" drives were left for whatever purpose. The idea sparked to use one of these drives on the Allegra's middle car whose middle panto had been "listless" so far.

Various considarations led to the conclusion that controlling this panto irrespective of a given decoder would be best. Having it going up and down randomly, driven by some sort of time switch seemed to be appropriate.
The picture on the right shows a first experimental setup using a NE555 as a time switch and a relay for the "Up and Down".

A few experiments with the "equation of time" (read: parametrization of timing elements for the NE555 with resistors) resulted in the following circuitry:

The circuitry meant to be mounted inside the Allegra's middle car was knocked together on a grid-style PCB quickly. The panto's PCB required some minor rewiring as shown by the arrows in the picture on the upper right.

More than plenty of space for the "time switch" was found in the middle car's lavatory compartment. It was screwed to the bar inside this compartment which provided for enough of space for speaker extending into the compartment a bit.

The result:

The video is shortened. The period between lifting and lowering the panto is ca. 35 seconds.

1 + 1 = 1

Merge 2 into 1

The guy on the upper left was a victim of the 702's pimping as well. The one on the upper right had to immolate parts of his lower extremities when moving in to the Allegra...

It seemed to be the next best idea to merge both of the "remainders".

Brass rods for connecting thighs and shanks, methacrylic glue, a file, abrasive paper, a brush and some colour made for the incarnation of a new figure.

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