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Coaches for the SEG Mallet

A couple of old LGB 3060s served as the basis

which were got hold of on ebay and were in a completely unused condition - they had apparently slumbered in their boxes since the late 1970s...

Of course, using these cars as the basis for SEG cars is a compromise. But better a compromise than no cars at all or that of a completely foreign railway company.

The old bogies had to be exchanged for new ones, as the old ones did not allow for double-sided coupling. On this occasion the plastic wheels were exchanged for metal ones.

Then the fairground-like varnish had to be removed, the printing of which turned out to be extremely stubborn. Apparently not a conventional serigraphy but a hot stamping.

The paintwork was completely renewed: white primer, green matt varnish and a silk matt clear varnish. The latter was applied after the lettering was attached.

The window inserts were also dealt with. Inside "curtains" and outside new "window frames". Furthermore, the coaches (3 in total) were given a wooden floor, which is available as an easy-to-cut sheet material for dollhouses.

The entry areas received railings, the inside and outside doors received handles and the benches were equipped with padding in the form of self-adhesive velvety foil.
The brass handles and rods were also given a 3-layer coating to prevent oxidation.

The dividing walls between 1st and 2nd class were painted in wood color and their doors were given handles made of painted brass. The upper part of the wall in the 1st class compartment was covered with velvety foil, too.

The chassis and the car body received lettering in the form of self-made decals, the printing of which was commissioned by a contractor due to the printing required in white. Furthermore, the coaches received the SEG emblem on the long sides and that of the city of Zell on the face sides.

The Preiser family comes into play in the final act. The appearance of the passenger and railway personnel figures corresponds well to the era represented by the locomotive and coaches.

The lighting is self-made consisting of three SMD LEDs, which are fed by a circuit limiting electric current. Voltage and its type play a role no longer here.

A nice little project that was a lot of fun and brought coaches to the SEG Mallet matching its era and appearance.

October 2020 | Archive "Current Affairs"