LGB Scratchbuilding

In particular cases the market simply does not satisfy one's own requirements and desiderata and one is left to one's own devices and abilities. Fortunately, the big scale provides for some possibilities ...

Holcim Cement Container

as a load for the RhB SB-v depressed center cars.

A wastewater pipe from the DIY shop and vacuum swaging by means of an oven and a vacuum cleaner...

The construction report features about 90 pictures showing the model's accruement.

Taurus illumination retrofit

Or: How to replace its "candles" with real lights.

The dim lights beggared all description and were replaced.

Retrofit report with numerous pictures

RhB Ge4/4 612 Facelift

Facelifting the 1990s "Thusis" model.

Green is turned into red and round into angled. Modifications of the model's colour scheme, the lights' shape and a more prototypical detailing provide for a new appearance.

A remodelling report with plenty of pictures documents the model's reconstruction.

The Bernina Panorama Coaches

made by Kiss enable the vendee to fully show his potentials with enhancing industrial products...

The detailing orgy's report portrays the transformation into a model.

RhB Steel coach B2282

An illumination deserving its name and paint work emphasizing the existing details and a little more provide for a significantly improved appearance.

The report show the modifications in detail.

RhB ABe 8/12 3501 - Allegra !

These threepart trainsets can be found on the RhB's tracks since 2010 and on the gardenrailway's since 2014. Maerklin left correction of both construction and detailing flaws to the customers...

The modifications' illustrated documentation points out the process step by step.

Google Trike

Google StreetView recordings of the Albula and Bernina line were taken in 2011 by means of a Google Trike which caused the desire for a model of this vehicle.

The construction report features numerous pictures and demonstrates each step of this vehicle's genesis.

LGB 38670 / RhB As 1171 "Star[c]kes Stück"

A documentation of gutting a wrongly furnished LGB coach and equipping it with a prototypical interior in form of models of furniture educed by the well known designer Philippe Starck.

The remodelling report with a vast amount of pictures shows the significant ado step by step.

The RhB's Burri Benches

A design classic which can be found at stations and on platforms of the RhB cuts a brilliant figure as a model too.

The construction report illustrates each of the brass orgy's steps.

RhB hopper car Xac-t 93801

Guide to turning a LGB 46690 (RhB Fad 8721) into a modern RhB Xac-t hopper car.

The remodelling report outlines the metamorphosis by means of pictures showing the required ado.

RhB signals

Model signals according to the Rhaetian Railway's prototypes

The construction report features numerous pictures and demonstrates the partially time-consuming work.

Original and falsification - RhB Gm 4/4 241

What LGB declared to be an "authentic replica" turns out to be a clumsy falsification.

The redesign's description comprises numerous pictures and demonstrates the metamorphosis into a model.