Katzhagen modeling department

The RhB's Burri benches - a construction report


Founded in 1907, the swiss company Burri has evolved into a global and renowned provider of various inventory for public space, i.e. things like barrier systems, advertising and information systems, guidance systems, lighting and furniture. The latter includes the benches currently used on the RhB's platforms.

The model

When a model of this bench made of brass was introduced on one of the known garden railroad forums it became clear instantaneous: This is a "must have" !

A wonderful idea to launch a model of this piece of modern infrastructure design. Two of the kits for a total of 12 benches were ordered at Bjoern Habel immediately. These should make for a more prototypical appearance of the layout's RhB section and for a more durable replacement of the plastic benches in other locations.

The kit basically is nothing else but a precisely etched brass plate containing the parts required for building two benches with and four benches without a backrest. With the implicit understanding that the modeller is familiar with handling brass, a soldering iron and an airbrush gun, the kit is easy to assemble.

A larger view of each picture will be opened when clicking onto it.

Brass parts for six benches.

A nice detail: RhB logo

After having extricated the component parts from the brass plate (the picture shows the parts for one of the variants each) the remainging bars have to be removed from the parts. Remainders of the bars are removed using a small file.

The side parts' holes taking the bars are made for brass rods being 1mm thick - which look quite a tad too thin. But there is remedy...

Tubing of 2x1.1mm is used to thicken the rods - Fits !

Bench with backrest = 38 parts

Soldered and cleaned. Since the bezels will get a different colour, they will be mounted later after having finished the painting.

4 benches with backrest = 60 rods and tubings each. But that's not all...

WTF am I doing here ? 80 rods and tubings for 8 benches without backrest...

A total of 26m (!) brass rods and tubing ready to be painted.

After having applied the basic colour the benches were painted in black, the bezels in red and light grey and finally given a semi-glossy cover. A fine brush was used to apply white colour to the RhB logo.

The variant featuring the bezel painted in light grey is of universal use aside RhB scenarios.