Impossible ? - No way !

There is (almost) nothing what can't be done when using OpenVMS.

is used for

In short, it's being used when downtime is no option. Hence using it in your home's environment seems to suggest itself...

LGB Scratch Building

Scratch building is the only option when the desired object isn't available on the market or a less detailed model needs a bit of refinement.

The construction reports feature numerous illustrations and provide a variety of insights into this sphere of activity.

Astronomy and cardboard modelling

To a greater extent of coincidence I stumbled across an interesting variant of cardboard modelling which sheds interesting lights on various scientific aspects.

Read or better say primarily see more in the illustrated construction reports.

WMF Coffee Makers

Who ever had a coffee brewed by the old WMF portafilter machines, won't like coffee made by "ordinary" coffee makers any longer...

History, historic documents, fosterage & maintenance, infomation on consumables and spare parts as well as manuals and further things can be found in the related project area.

Making the impossible become real - ship modelling

The construction's phases were documented in an illustrated report showing the model's development and the incrementing and partially surprising hurdles during that process. It also describes interesting functional enhancements.

Construction report of the buoy boat "Paula III".