IT - is best practice with VMS and DEC hardware

since it's the most reliable, flexible and convenient thing regarding both soft- and hardware one can imagine when being a system operator. This becomes manifest in the following examples.

Model railroad control

for the garden railroad's automated operations.

Scheduled operations and time driven functions like f.i. the church's chimes or event driven functions like announcements along with trains arriving at a station.

The short description (in German only at this time) allows for a few insights into the manifold possibilities.

Numerical Control

VMS and production of electric energy in space.

Solar generators for satellites made by means of VMS.

The story's details

Power outlet control

Switching devices on and off via your browser, a menue or a program.

A simple controller and a serial interface is all you need. Technology from the era prior to the internet of things...

Illustrated description and a video demonstrating the function

PCL3 printers

in a PostScript environment - Squaring of the circle...

A successful story after all

VT330 and VT340 video terminal repairs

The flyback transformers gave up after about 25 years and blasted some further parts to the electronic Sto'Vo'Kor. But... those declared dead live longer...

VT330 repair

VT340 repair