Weather station WH3080 by Fine Offset Electronics

Outdoor sensor units


- UV
- Rainfall
- Illuminance
- Wind speed
- Wind direction
- Barometric pressure
- Humidity (in- and outdoors)
- Temperature (in- and outdoors)
- DCF77 receiver

A solar powered transmitter attached to the outdoor unit provides for transmission of data to the console.

Console displays as shown in the picture on the right.

WH3080 console

Bringing the data to the web

Data flow from sensors to the webserver - the schematic diagram should be at least a tad self-explanatory...

- Data from the sensors is radio transmitted to the weather station's console and stored there.

- The iMac is running the Trixology WeatherCat software which polls the console for data via an USB connection.

- The WeatherCat software cyclically processes predifened and customized HTML code as well as JPEG data.

- As soon as a set of files is complete, it is FTPed to the VMS machine hosting this website.

- The HTML files are then processed by a DCL procedure on the VMS machine to match this website's appearance.