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And another new (old) building

Turning a station into a restaurant

After Susch had been turned into Wiesen the question what to do with the old station building arose. Many a reason favoured a further usage on the layout and the decision was made to turn the building into a restaurant.

The typical details required for this little project in form of illumination and seating for the outdoor area as well as signs and figures were either purchased or self-made.

The former station clock was turned into an illuminated ad for Calanda beer. The same happened to the clock on the building's other side which now shows an ad for Monsteiner beers.

The former freight- and luggage dispatch area was fenced and declared a patio. The patio's entries are illuminated by flurescent lamps and beer table sets were added as seatings for the outdoor area.

It's a bit more rustic at the bar's entrance on the rear side where an old cask serves as a poser table. On the patio a meal has just been served - what exactly... will remain a secret.

The waiter is quite busy - which requires a sufficient illumination of the patio in the evening for a flawless service.

After a suitable place was found outside for the "new" building, the street had to be elongated and a base had to build first.

Details like road markings, park lights, barring chains and similar provide for a nice optical impression around the building.

Despite the building has been standing outside in the garden for more than ten years, it still makes a nice impression with its new use as a restaurant featuring a patio. Something which in reality does not happen that often to retired station buildings...

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