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LGB and reality

An orange Gmeinder V51 is turned into a Mak 400 BB of the Rhaetian Railways

More than 10 years after the LGB 26512 had hit the road I was able to acquire a brand-new specimen - much to my astonishment. Unfortunately, it turned out that the product description lied in that it was meant to be an "authentic replica" of the RhB's Gm 4/4 241 - the "model" was a clumsy falsification, i.e. it was nothing else but a Gmeinder V51 painted orange.

After a little bit of research on the prototype, the falsification was put onto the OP-table to meet files, the soldering iron and other tools in order to be turned into a (more) prototypical model.


Post conversion status

The conversion's documentation and many detail photos can be found in the project area.

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