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On and beside the tracks

The electric tractor TR5047

was typical for almost every Swiss station's platform. Hence this vehicle's model makes for a perfect supplement to the scenario at the station of Susch. The model's functionless version was purchased along with its corresponding trailer and since its chassis looked somewhat suspicious, I couldn't stand opening it - big surprise: The electronics, the motor and the steering all were in place !

Thus two rechargeable battery packs and a transmitter were purchased - which revealed the reason why this model was sold as a functionless version: One of the steering's final stage transistors was blown. Fortunately, it could be replaced with a functional equivalent from the own stock. See video on the left for the related result !

A pile of coal...

... hauled in a couple of gondolas by the V60 during its first ride early in spring 2015. These operations allowed for systematic tests of the V60's Massoth XLS-M1, which got a new firmware containing numerous sound improvements Massoth had provided me with late in autumn 2014. Furthermore, the V60 was equipped with direction dependant red tail lights.

Doc Wilfer - sitting right of the throttle with his hands above nothing - was dismissed and replaced by a Prehm loco driver. This required moving the driver seat to the cab's left side.
The result can be viewed more closely by a left-click onto the picture on the right.

Prehm instead of Piko - Left-click onto the picture for a larger view

A pile of gravel...

... when meeting in Susch.

Both of the trains represent the RhB's contemporary freight and passenger traffic in the form of the Bernina Express consisting of the Allegra rail car and the panorama coaches as well as the gravel train with its different types of hoppers.

The waste material containers were purchased seperately for use with the chassis of the Coop container cars which had been acquired in the past.

The Ge 4/4 III's driver meanwhile has been replaced with a colleague from the Prehm family.

Luggage trays have been added to the panorama cars' interior lately:

The 1st class' luggage tray is a tad broader...

... than the 2nd class' one.

Finally - The repair of the brewery's "green oasis" could be accomplished. The trees made by Busch are not UV resistant and lose their leaves after some time. The new trees got a green and clear coat from the airbrush gun to give them a protective coating as an experiment.

Fresh green again instead of a leafless "permafall"

... and with a little illu in the evening.

Full employment

Does not look too complex, but... takes its time.

Left-click onto the picture for a larger view

Boredom is no issue as soon as it comes to dealing with a (more) prototypical paint scheme of the RhB EW II passenger coaches' face sides...

While disassembling the cars and dismounting their small parts is a timely manageable issue, masking and applying several coats of paint with the airbrush gun is a real hour grave. Corrective work on various hoses - being necessary because their shape prevents exact masking - adds to the expenditure of time.

The result rewards for the numerous efforts with the small parts, though.

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