Katzhagen - Archive - May 2009

Spring is in the air

on the tracks (too) - a long winter is over, finally. Off we go for a new garden railway season !
The weather seduced into testing the self-built LED illumination for the VT98's interior during a nightride after sundown. A great start into the new season.

Since the following pictures are speaking for themselves, this time additional large-format pictures are provided instead of the usual prose:
To open a large-format view of a picture below, simply left-click onto the desired picture.

April - looks like in May...

Mowing the lawn is up next...

Arrival Katzhagen track 1 10:05pm

Getting on, off or changing the train ...

Departure on track one

Reflection on the pond's surface

You planned on an illumination of your garden using floodlights of several 100 or 1000 Watts ever since ?

Forget it !

Nothing tops a ride at night when the layout is fully illuminated.

The self-built LED illumination for the VT98 was tested extensively for the first time and fulfilled the related expectations absolutely. Neither too bright, nor too dark and because of the large electrolytic capacitor also flickerfree.

The light's colour inside the VT deceives the camera - a question of a correct white balance.

Nighttime panorama - a bulb census were interesting. BTW, is there perhaps a NPP from Pola ?

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