Katzhagen - Archive - February 2009 #2

The visitors returned !

There already was a report about unexpected visitors from a far distance in August 2008

In one of the past nights Susch was visited again. The following report demonstrates the frightening and dreadful effects.

Alien radiation and the disastrous results...

Rays of an unknown kind and unknown purpose...

... already led to first mutations !

Also the human population suffers from first mental effects.
Woodsman confuses flagpole with tree !

Insanity spreads out...
Some inhabitants gang up and loot trains.

Just a little joke for carnival...

The resolution

This little SciFi joke has multiple roots.
Someone I know passed me the slightly edited UFO picture on the occasion of the report from August 2008 mentioned above. Another friend contributed the snapshot of the little tiger and the kids provided the rest while playing imaginative with their Playmobil figures.

A garden railway turns out to be good for cooking up interesting things...

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