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At the close of the day...

it's not unusual to summ up things - like in one evening's dusk early in July and one concludes that the work on modernizing the green Thusis was worth all of the efforts:

After the facelift the machine put off its green clothes and got rectangular head lights.

Short commuter train in early dusk.

Unload gravel !

was the slogan at another day's end - after the discharging flaps of a LGB RhB Fad gravel hopper had been equiped with a motor drive:

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Recently I inspected the box of remainders and found two old slotcar motors which for some strange reason reminded me of a modification a friend had applied to one of his hoppers. He used a servo to activate the flaps.
After a brief electrical check of the motors it turned out that one could make use of them in conjunction with some mechanical gear to activate the flaps using the analogue LGB activation track 10154.
The video on the left shows the first functional test of the motorized discharging flaps.

The following pictures show the drive's development:

Flap, motor, 2mm brass rods, Graupner spherical head, ABS plastic part.

The processed and partially assembled parts.

One of the motors mounted beneath the car's discharging device.

One of the discharging flaps' mechanical gear.

Another view of the motor and its arm made from a piece of ABS-plastic.

Both of the drives with locking rods beneath the discharching device.

Magnus ball bearing wheels provide power to the motors.

One of the activators between the original mechanical tangle.

Now just a working conveyor belt is missing - for reloading the gravel onto lorries...

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