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Wood loads - Angular and circular recycling

Wooden skewers and ice lolly sticks...

form the basis of this car's load shown on the left. A barbecue supplied the skewers, two children and a summer the sticks. After thorough cleaning the wooden parts are cut into pieces matching the required sizes. Sanding paper with a grit of 180 is used to plane the parts. Some clear coat from a spray can serves as a water-repellant finish.

... and soft chese

To prevent this stuff from falling apart in operation, f.i. when using a fork lift, the parts are glued to each other and to the pallets they are placed on. The straps are made of a thin fabric tape. Two wooden soft cheese packages were used for the crate to which a chain (model ship building) was applied for usage with a crane. The lettering was taken from remnants of a Preiser kit.

Rods and round bars from beech wood serve as "fence posts" (standing upright on the left) and debarked logs.
Since this load bears quite a weight, metal wheels or even better ball bearing wheels (not necessarily featuring a current pick up) are recommended.
New Year's Eve 2005

The remnants of that night supplied the basis for a part of this load: Rocket sticks fallen back to earth. Also cut into suitable pieces, cleaned, varnished using a spray can and finally glued to form a pile.

Plastic pipes

taken from architecture modeling serve as a model load of drainage pipes. A car's "quick filling" after cutting the pipes to length and sanding the cuts. The pipes are available in numerous diameters and all sorts of colours.

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