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RhB hopper metamorphosis - Fad2Xac

After stumbling across pictures of the Xac hoppers last autumn...

... I wasn't that fond of my yellow Fad cars any longer.

Hence a conversion seemed to be the only remedy and I accomodated myself in the workshop for a few days - since at second glance I suspected that revising the minor differences would require some serious ado.

The Fad is quite unobtrusive compared to the Xac-t.

Different steps, ladders and new railings.

New railings - bent by means of a 4mm aluminum rod and soldered by means of suitable jigs.

The car had to be disassembled to achieve a prototypical painting, which presented the author with an unexpected large number of small parts.

The tidy appearance is deceiving - a particular sequential cours of action is required for the reassembly.

After application of both the new lettering and a final clear coat the minor differences between the old and the "new" become apparent in the comparative photo.

Modified details provide for a more appealing impression ...

... just as (or especially) the polychrome painting now does.

A more detailed description of this metamorphosis can be found in the project area.

RhB D2 4025

This baggage car was greatly appreciated as a supplement for Heidi and her contemporary coaches - despite criticism regarding this car's flaws...

Baggage, loads and staff are waiting for their intended new residence.

SMD LEDs provide for illumination of the car's interior and platforms.

LED for illumination of the platform and electronics of the complete illu.

Mounting a timber flooring brightens up the interior significantly.

The board gets a suitably painted lair...

... since no better place could be found.

Less is more - sometimes...

LED lights and lading - the plan turned out to work.

This guy makes a satisfied impression too.

A harmonious picture despite a few inaccuracies.

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