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Launched in 1975 and since then subject to continuous technical development, OpenVMS is one of the classic operating systems in the corporate sector. Current versions are running on Intel Itanium or used Alpha systems becoming constantly cheaper and the hobby user using appropriate licenses can access a company operating system for free.

The operating system God runs the Earth simulation on...


The Lehmann Gross Bahn saw the light of day in 1968.
A then revolutionary model train of unknown large scale, which ran outdoors and under all weather conditions.

A demonstration of this train in the early 70s in a TV quiz show should take 30 years to have a massive impact on the recreational activities of the protagonist.
Detailed descriptions of conversions and scratch-built rolling stock can be found in the projects section.

Consequences of extraordinary proportions...


Thanks to OpenVMS' continuous transparent design it empowers the development hobbiest to create serious applications as well as playful gimmicks very easily. Even exotic hardware can be connected.
Further technical challenges presupposing knowledge of the difference between a soldering iron and an immersion heater are fancied too.

Quality time with bricolages...

LGB - a control

What is so wonderful about standards ?
That you can choose among so many of them !

And there is no exception to this rule with model train controls. The manufacturers assure compatibility among each other, but don't pay too much attention to this promise. Flaws inherent to these systems which result in absurd scenarios with presentations at dealers from time to time and some archaic input devices add to the picture.
Making use of standard IT components is a nice alternative which breaks with the traditional concepts and means not being bonded to any manufacturer and not having to deal with functional restrictions any longer.

"What You Will..."